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I haven't seen one of these threads in a looong while so I'm pretty sure a consensus has been reached. It's 2020 now! There's no reason to pretend that liking traps is anything but gay. How many of you faggots actually fell for the trap meme? Were the totally not gay for boi pussi crowd trying to brainwash the btards at the time or was this something that was actually worth discussion?


05/24/20(Sun)07:14:14 No.828353114

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>>828352888 I mean passing traps are hot, you cant deny it


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>>828353404 I didn't say it wasn't gay, it is gay


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>>828352888 Who cares. People are hot. Just fap to em. I may also just be sad that I don't look like a cute girl... I'm just a "fuck genders" looking kind of person


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>>828354618 The love for ass is universal


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>>828354673 Anon is to admit that fucking traps is already scientifically proven that it is gay