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New 'controversial opinions' thread, because the one we had the other day was nice. Post shit that would give people seizures if you blurted it out in mixed company. I'll start: >all political beliefs are gay. if you're left, you're gay. Right? Also gay. Centrist? Not even brave enough to be gay. Politics are simply needless windowdressing that is useless to humanity, because there is no actual way the world 'ought' to be. Everything just simply 'is'. If you want to affect change, do it because it gets you off, not because it's what's 'right'. >ICP aren't really that bad, at least albums 2 through 4 >Rebecca Black is a misunderstood genius of outsider music and anyone who doesn't like her is an uncultured pleb >Not being able to be proven a hypocrite just means you haven't said enough, which kinda makes you a beta pussy >if you hold a personal conviction, but you wouldn't be willing to beat a child to death with your bare hands in service of that conviction, then you don't really hold it >'Psych' is a more believable and plausible show than 'Burn Notice'. I say this fully aware that two different actors played Gus' dad on the series. >traps can be both gay and not gay. it is obvious that it depends on phases of the moon, you fucking brainlet Ok, go.