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I'm not gay. There are a ton of Trap threads on b. Traps warped my brain. I am disgusted with the idea of fucking a dude. Traps are feminine! they for all "sexual" intents and purposes are everything you need. holes to fuck and they look hot. my big thing is I am an ass man. like for me if it's not in the butt its not worth my nut. So when i started watching this stuff one thing that kept going through my head was “i get oral and I get anal”. (I hate to say it but I would rather fuck ass than pussy...something of a power play for me i guess) don't mind fucking pussy but if i had a choice it would be ass every time. so this trap stuff took that part out of the equation. now i know if i am with a trap i get only the best parts! no i am not attracted to their dicks in any way. just the idea i don't have to bother with satisfying them vaginally before i move onto my favourite part. my favourite part is guaranteed to be their favourite part too. (The perfect partner) I have considered trying to date, but I can’t get over the idea that they do have a dick… and I do indulge in videos of trannies fucking guys I’m still hesitant to think that it is something I would want to experience. (There is no way I could get a relationship if I were unwilling to do stuff like that) so it remains a fantasy not sure whether that makes me gay or not but I’m sure someone here will say I am.


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Cock is amazing >>827713678