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04/17/20(Fri)04:21:18 No.825495138

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Hey so a few days back I made a thread asking if my jaw and chin were too manly to be a proper trap, a lot of people said no. I felt like I was just showing the pictures that made me look best so I figured I'd do it again but with more plain, honest pics that don't crop out half my face. So? Do you think I'd pass? Also I get these lines in my cheeks when I smile, do they make my face look fat?


04/17/20(Fri)04:22:46 No.825495219

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Sorry they turn sideways for no reason sometimes when I phonepost


04/17/20(Fri)04:25:31 No.825495355

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Nobody fucking cares about your chin.


04/17/20(Fri)04:35:24 No.825495857

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>>825495506 I suppose I could see it


04/17/20(Fri)04:47:35 No.825496410

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>>825496221 You think this would qualify as girly? Tummy juts out a little when I don't suck it in for pics


04/17/20(Fri)04:55:56 No.825496835

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>>825496291 >>825496449 >>825496578 Thanks >>825496603 Washington state Also are my shoulders broad?


04/17/20(Fri)05:03:49 No.825497176

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>>825497016 No lol I suck in my stomach


04/17/20(Fri)05:51:36 No.825499041

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>>825498346 You're my kinda project. Are you real?


04/17/20(Fri)06:06:44 No.825499508

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>>825499379 I don't really like taking pics of myself because of self esteem issues but I have a few