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Alright, enough of the loli, dick rate and trap threads. Time for a tard story >be me >go to school in the midwest > our school is a quiet and peaceful school until two things start to happen >1 an influx of tards and 2 an influx of nignogs > most of the tards are docile window lickers, a few notable ones such as ellie, a dowine who ripped out patches of her hair and caren, an asian tard dumber than dog shit who has on numerous occasions has proceded to masturbate in the library >the main man himself, chris, a childlike tard >be walking to class 5th period >see chris at the vending machines with a crusty sock full of quarters >walk by chris >"YOEW GIMMBE QUARRRTERS" >"chris you have a sock full of quarters" >"YOERR QUARTES" >I tell him no and walk away >as this is happening, ellie walks by >"HEWY CHWIS" >"WAT YOU WANT ELWIE" >elle walks past him and starts to deposit quarters into the vending machine > as this is happening chris proceeds to ask for more quarters >ellie says no Chris does the only logical thing and swings his cum sock of quarters into her head > makes contact >ellies face goes through the glass of the vending machine >downie blood everywhere > seeing as the window was now broken, chris slips his arm through, cutting it in the process > all for a glass of diet doctor peper > mfw when chirs gives a fellow retard even more brain damage > mfw at graduation find out chris has been at out school for 7 years > I find out chris is 22


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